Increasing profit margins is high priority for all businesses these days, and if this sounds familiar to you and your company, you probably think you have already looked for every possible way of boosting your revenue. However, did you ever think about cleanliness of your workplace, and whether or not it can have an effect on your company’s profits?

While cleaning your company’s workplace is an essential expense and task which needs to be figured into the annual budget, if you look a little more closely, you’ll discover that, instead of being an additional expense, cleaning can actually benefit your company’s budget. Yes, hiring a professional cleaning company is an unavoidable cost that your business has to face, but if they do their job properly and efficiently, you are sure to see a profitable return on your investment.

Your Appliances Function For Longer And Work More Efficiently

Take a look around the office at the various appliances that you see. Printers, computers, kettles, microwaves… Whatever your business, you will have machines and appliances that you rely on everyday to get the job done, and all of those pieces of equipment require maintenance and cleaning.

While their surfaces may have no obvious dust through daily use, the internal components must also be kept free of deposits and dust, otherwise they will become blocked and wear out, meaning that your equipment will require an expensive replacement or repair. Clean parts, on the other hand, continue to function properly for a longer period of time due to reduced friction.

Lower Energy Bills

Following on from the proper cleaning of appliances and equipment, engaging professional high quality cleaners can also reduce your energy bills too. A clean air conditioning unit, for example, will require less power to get to the right temperature for the office, while lower friction in the working of the machines mean that less power is required to make them work. Both of these factors result in the use of less electricity and a lower energy bill for the company.

Higher Productivity

Working in a dirty and cluttered work space can really impact on the productivity and motivation of your workers and this, in turn, will have an effect on your business’ profits. Employees who work in a tidy, clean environment are more motivated and are more eager to give their best to their work. A cleaner environment will also help workers to enjoy better health with less bacteria, pollen and dust causing employees to be sick and to take time off work. Clients will also get the right impression about your company if the workplace is clean and tidy, and will be more keen to do business with your company.

Insurance Benefits

If your company has had to claim on its insurance policy because of a situation which could ultimately have been prevented by better cleanliness, it’s important to bear that in mind when engaging a professional cleaning team. For example, pests like termites or rodents can damage buildings and cause problems that then require a lot of money to rectify, while stains on carpets can become permanently ingrained if not cleaned properly straight away and then will require expensive replacements. A professional cleaning team can make sure that neither of these problems result in an expensive insurance claim by nipping the original issue in the bud before it escalates out of control.

Use a professional team of experienced and highly trained cleaners in your workplace, and reap the benefits as you see your profits grow.

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