Unhygienic work place habits develop overtime and can often get unnoticed or overlooked as they become entrenched in the work environment. The following are some of the most common work place habits that put both the health and image of your company at risk.

Eating at the desk

It is quite easy to get sucked into the habit of having your lunch at your desk. You may not feel like walking to where the cafeteria is or going on the road to eat, so your desk becomes your next best bet. But the problem with that is when you eat at your desk, you run the risk of dropping food particles that may get trapped in books and other office equipment. Overtime, these food particles attract insects and rodents. If your work place becomes infested, it poses a serious health risk to all staff members, as well as clients and other stakeholders who may interface with your business.

Improper Sanitary Disposal

Care must be taken when using the restroom, especially when women are going through menstruation. Improper disposal of sanitary products is one of the most common yet unsightly work place habits that employees must address. It not only creates discomfort for other staff who have to share restroom spaces, but clients and customers who may use the same facilities are negatively affected too. Going to a restroom that is unclean because of improper sanitary disposal can be a serious turn off and can result in customers never returning to do business with you.

Not taking out the trash

If trash is allowed to overflow, either because professional janitors are not there to do so or because employees fail to do so, it can range from being a nuisance to a full blown health risk. If bins are not emptied regularly and staff have nowhere to put their garbage then they either have to keep it on them- likely on their desk- or they will force more garbage into the bin, resulting in a overflow. Overflowing garbage is not the best sights; it looks tacky and unprofessional.

Not Washing Hands

The proximity with which employees work make routine hand-washing paramount. It becomes even more necessary after they use the restroom. Signs reminding employees to wash their hands after restroom use and of the benefits of doing so should be displayed. Staff should also be reminded to flush after each use, as not flushing the toilet is another bad employee habit that can make the workplace uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Not washing up

 The kitchen is another common area that can become a health risk if employees fail to clean up after themselves. When utensils are left to pile up for days, mould can grow on their surfaces which can negatively affect employees’ health. Signs should be displayed clearly in the kitchen area, reminding employees to clean up after themselves. Furthermore, if persons fail to wash up after using their utensils it can prove to be a nuisance for others who wish to use the sink.

Everybody has bad habits, but when it comes on to a workplace setting, bad, unhygienic habits must be eliminated as much as possible as they pose serious health risks for all. Hiring a professional cleaning service will help to mitigate the effects of bad work habits like the ones mentioned in this article.

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