Acorn Environmental and Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear Customer


In light of the developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that we have implemented measures ensuring our business can provide you with the best possible service during this time.

Our office-based staff have the ability to work from home if it is deemed necessary in order to provide our customers with continued support.


During this time, we will continue to fulfil our contractual obligations where practicable with the use of our usual mobile work force and part time staff, and where necessary our emergency response teams. We will do our best to continue to offer the additional services, such as bulk refuse removal and gutter clearances etc. However, there may be delays in some of these services should we need to step in and complete deep cleans for some of our more vulnerable and high-risk clients i.e. schools and sheltered accommodation sites.


Acorn’s staff have all had communication regarding what they can do to try to help reduce the spread of the infection not only in their homes but within our clients’ sites as well.


As our staff, and certainly our cleaning staff will be on your site(s) regularly, and to ensure that our staff are protected, we would ask that you inform us as soon as possible of the following:


·       Any confirmed cases at your site(s)

·       Anyone from your site(s) that is self-isolating


This information will allow us to make an informed decision as to how best to proceed on a site by site basis.


As a company our plan is to:


·       Identify employees at increased risk

·       Have the ability for our office staff to work from home with uninterrupted phone access should the need to isolate arise

·       Using remote access software to ensure we are able to continue to communicate with our clients

·       Follow the latest government guidelines to reduce the chances of infection and the spread of the virus

·       On-going communication with suppliers and clients allowing back-up plans to be implemented quickly


Acorn Environmental is committed to continue to provide the highest levels of service. Should we have any unexpected circumstances which may affect supply of goods and services, we will clearly communicate this to our customers via the normal communication channels.


If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us:


·       By phone 020 8640 8800

·       By email







Using the old-fashioned technique of water and a cloth works just as well as some cleaning products in the home, new research has found.
A test conducted by consumer advocacy group Choice discovered that some of the popular cleaning products sold in supermarkets aren’t as effective as we think.
With Instagram cleaning stars such as Mrs Hinch encouraging Brits to ‘Hinch’ their homes with a variety of products, many of us are spending money on a whole host of cleaning items. But, according to the research, scrubbing your surfaces with water can do the job just as well.
‘About 50 per cent of the ones on our test weren’t noticeably different from plain water. It’s pretty scary. You’re essentially just tipping money down the drain,’ Ashley Iredale from Choice told Guardian Australia.’
To find out which products worked, the research team at Choice tested items using a mechanical scrubbing machine to ‘ensure you get absolute consistency from sample to sample’.
They covered a ceramic tile in a greasy soil formula, let it dry and then sprayed it with a cleaning product to find out how well it really worked. ‘We measure light reflectants on that tile before and after that test, which is an incredibly accurate way of measuring how much soil has been removed,’ Ashley said.
Floor cleaners were one of the products which the study found to be pointless. ‘None of them performed noticeably better than water. It’s just the mechanical scrubbing action,’ explained Ashley.
Choice also found that instead of using various bottles for different rooms in the house, one multi-purpose spray could work just fine: ‘You can do away with the 57 different bottles in your cupboard and just use one for everything.’

While the research did uncover that some cleaning products might not make much of a difference, there are still some that we need in order to ensure our homes are clean. These include…
• Toilet cleaner with stronger bleaches to properly clean the inside.
• Bathroom cleaner, as your bathroom will quickly build up dirt more than other room in the house.
• Window cleaner to ensure that you remove any smears. Water-based cleaners for the window won’t help to give them a shine.

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